Historical Course Of Makassar City

THE word “Makassar” Contains many versions. Some people call it “Mangkasara”, and even “Akkasara”. Whatever its version is, they all refer to definition of “obvious”, “clear” and “frank.

This has story that can be read from the story that can be read from the story or legend entitled “Mangkasara”. Although it is only a myth, many people believe it, and it is even regarded as the real condition.

Shortly talking, there was a twin kingdom namely Gowa-Tallo with their own kings who made a very close relation and friendship, its term is well known as: “manna ruakaraeng, ingka se’re ata”: this means, the people remained unified. When i Malingkaan daeng Manyonri became the king of  Tallo in the century XVII, there happened an importan event in this twin kingdom. it was the first time islam entered South-Sulawesi. At the time, there were three scholars of islam from Minangkabau, WestSumatra coming to spread out islam in South Sulawesi. They were each Sulaiman Khatib Bungsu well known as Datok Ditiro to Bulukumba; and Abdul Makmur Khatib Tunggal, well known as Datok Ribandang coming to Tallo.

This comingof Datok Ribandang created a legenda story which was thenconnected with the origin of the name Makassar. It was said that Datok Ribandang firstly appeared to use a big boat. However, when it was approaching the edges of the beach, it got smaller and changed to be prayer Rug.

The beach guard got to report it to Tallo king straightfowardly. The king together with his followers hurried to the beach. But on this way there, he met an old man standing on the stone. This old man asked : “where are you going?” the followers answers : “we are going to the beach to see the strange man that has recently arrived”.

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